Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services are offering employment in a secure environment for staff, trainees and participants of social integration programmes. The main tasks is industrial cleaning of buildings, adherence to hygiene standards, cleaning of offices, common areas, workshops, production sites and common rooms, meeting rooms, sanitation facilities, windows and basement areas. In addition, specialised cleaning activities such as carpet cleaning, disinfection of rooms and recycling of paper are all part of the job.

For capacity reasons, it is not possible for us to accept external cleaning orders. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact: Brigitte Widmer, Teamleader Cleaning Services, phone +41 52 632 28 02; brigitte.widmer(at)altra-sh.ch 



Contact: Simone Meylan, Teamleader Cleaning Services, phone +41 52 632 17 32; simone.meylan(at)altra-sh.ch