Technical Services and Maintenance

Technical Services and Maintenance are offering employment in a secure environment for staff, trainees and participants of social integration programmes. Main tasks in these areas are maintenance and upkeep of buildings including maintenance, repairs, servicing, building works, control tasks, gardening and maintaining outside areas and a range of cleaning services ranging from deep cleans to interim and special cleaning activities. Here is an example of a working day: Putting up pictures, changing lightbulbs, helping with electrical works, painting, cleaning, checking, repairing taps, changing cylinders, mowing the lawn, cutting hedges and bushes, gardening, repairing fences, sweeping and seasonal services such as shovelling snow and recycling.

Contact: Christian Sulzberger, Teamleader, phone +41 52 632 28 38; christian.sulzberger(at)altra-sh.ch

Contact: Michael Barth, Teamleader, phone +41 52 632 28 37, michael.barth(at)altra-sh.ch