Chronicle / History

On the Open House Day in August, Villa Blankenstein was very well attended. In summer, the internal vocational school is moving into its new premises in Building 33 within the SIG areal unit in Neuhausen. With the support of a newly created job coaching position within the occupational field, Altra is, for the first time, training numerous learners in the first labor market (Supported Education).  Altra has had a permanent position of “Job Coaching for Employees in the First Labor Market” (inclusion jobs) since January. At our residential location Neustadt 56, the apartments are being renovated (barrier-free living). The property cannot be occupied during the renovation period. The altra theatrical production (“altra-Spiel”) can take place again in the usual setting with spectators.

The offer of a daily structure without pay is very popular. Due to the need for more space, we are moving to the Villa Blankenstein property in the Promenade Park. We have purchased a second milling machine for the mechanics department to meet the high demand. Our website is now available in two languages: German and English.

For the first time in company history the Department Tagesstruktur (Daily Structure) with and without income was closed in March for several weeks in order to protect our staff. The production site was kept running by short term temporary labour. Staff were able to return early June under compliance to the safety plan.

Our workshops Ebnatring and Rhymüli have moved to a new combined home in building 33 on the SIG-site on Industrieplatz in Neuhausen. In total circa 170 persons of altra are working at this location.


Initial Foodstuffs Certification FSSC 22000


Foundation of the Council for Inclusion which is currently comprised of 15 members from various areas.


New certification pursuant to ISO14001 (Environmental Management) underscores the environmental focus of altra. For the first time in the history of altra, key aspects are documented and visualized in short films.


altra schaffhausen celebrates its 50-year anniversary with numerous events. Richard Rickli retires and turns over management to Alain Thomann.


Herbert E. Bolli hands in his resignation of office after 16 years as president of the foundation board. Jeanette Storrer assumes this role as an experienced and motivated successor.


The altra offering is expanded to assisted living, having come into great demand. The offer for integration measures has been expanded to accommodate this growing need with appropriate offerings.


Consolidation of the Charlottenfels and Neubrunn garden centres to the Neubrunn site, and the simultaneous expansion of the garden centre with the addition of a greenhouse.


Opening of the acquired residential accommodations at Nordstrasse 84 and 86, having first been adapted to our needs.


Integration of the occupational and residential accommodations of the Centre for Psychiatry, as well as the social psychiatry residential group of the "Haus im Bachtel", by the Benefit Society for Psychiatric Patients (Hilfsverein für Psychischkranke) in Schaffhausen into altra Schaffhausen, thereby recording a growth of one-third.


The Schaffhausen Integration Centre (“Eingliederungsstätte Schaffhausen”) receives a new name: altra schaffhausen – the different kind of company – in which people are the focus.


Our organic farm "Löwenstein" receives recognition as a “Organic-Bud” (Bio Knospe) operation.


ISO9001 certification for the entire institution.


We expand our offering with the Löwenstein organic farm.


Acquisition of the former Fröbelgarten Kindergarten in leasehold, and conversion of this building into our vocational school.


After 29 years, the Witt era comes to an end with the retirement of the Witt couple. Richard Rickli is appointed as the new general director.


25-year anniversary of the Schaffhausen Integration Centre (“Eingliederungsstätte Schaffhausen”). Since its founding, 215 young people have completed an apprenticeship and have been integrated into the first labor market.


In the meantime, the staff is comprised of 120 people. Of these, 100 work in training and protected workplaces.


A full-time teacher is hired.


A skilled professional is hired to assume the duties of work preparation and toolmaking. The association changes its legal form to that of a foundation. Hans Isler becomes the first foundation president.


Housing 16 people, the residential accommodation is fully occupied. In addition to those residents, the chef feeds an additional 12 lunchtime boarders.


Dedication of the newly established workshop pavilion. In the meantime, 26 disabled people are working in training and protected workplaces. At the end of the year, the first four disabled persons are placed in the first labor market.


Opening of the pre-apprenticeship and permanent workshop Schaffhausen Integration Centre (“Eingliederungsstätte Schaffhausen”) in the former Anna Stokar home. It begins with a training group of seven young people and six disabled people in protected workplaces. Georg and Anita Witt are appointed as the couple at the head.