Environmental Policy

Based upon our mission statement, we at altra schaffhausen place value on social, ecological, and economic action.

Everyday Conservation

We foster a company culture in which environmentally acceptable solutions are promoted. We examine our decisions regarding investments, purchases (providers), and order acquisitions (customers) based upon their environmental compatibility.

Legal Compliance

We ensure that we comply with all laws, regulations, and official requirements, as well as in the environmental area.

Continual Improvement

We wish to continually improve our environmental impact. We are particularly focused upon the following environmentally relevant aspects:

  • Heat

Our goal is that of reduced heat requirement by use of waste heat and the reduction of heat loss. Alongside that, we seek approaches to gain even more heat from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wood, or biomass.

  • Electricity

The efficient use of electricity and the corresponding savings potential in lighting, cooling, and compressed air, amongst other things, are important to us. Improvement of the electricity mixture and the in-house production of green electricity are further directions of impact.

  • Transport

Optimal logistics combined with environmentally friendly means of transport ensure minimal transport distances. Our drivers are trained to drive as efficiently as possible.

  • Materials (Raw Materials)

High environmental standards and geographical proximity are important purchase criteria for us. Whenever possible, we obtain materials for our products from the region.

We regularly make environmental aspects a topic of discussion in various internal committees and in training courses. We motivate our workforce in the introduction of new ideas and include our customers and providers in this continual improvement process.


The environmental objectives we have set for ourselves and how we are able to attain these are emphasized to our personnel. We celebrate our successes together and communicate to the public what we have concretely achieved for the environment.

Environmental Management System

We operate an ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System (EMS), which allows us to systematically measure and improve our environmental performance. The EMS is an integral part of an Integrated Management System (IMS).