Mission Statement

We place importance on

  • Social, ecological, and economic action
  • Including an appreciative attitude, respect, esteem, goodwill, and recognition
  • Encompassing cooperation, honesty, dependability, and trust
  • Personnel who fulfil their tasks competently and innovatively
  • Professional relationships both within and outside of the institution


Charta / Behavioural Code

We have signed off the “Charta for the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and other violations”. This lays out 10 principles concerning the following four topics:

  • Prevention strategy
  • Support for the person in need of assistance
  • Key role of staff as well as
  • Setting up an internal notification office and collaboration with external agencies.

These principles apply to all staff and persons who are being looked after or work in one of our institutions and organisations. They have been laid out in the Behavioural Code (Staff Copy, Client Copy, Simplified Language Copy, statutory basis of the Behavioural Code).