Education and Apprenticeships

We are offering a range of apprenticeships and training opportunities. A weeks trial prior to the start of any apprenticeship will give you an insight into the day to day of a particular profession or job. We will also help you with the decision for the right apprenticeship for you. We are also mindful of your individual requirements and will take care to include you in the team. We are passionate experts regarding training and apprenticeships.


You will require a relevant provision for the scheme under the regulation of the disability insurance. Your preferred options and available choices will be discussed with you and your IV consultant.


Please see below an overview of our apprenticeship schemes:

Short summary of schemes

  • Vocational Training with Swiss Federal VET Diploma, EFZ (apprenticeship)

Objectives and content of the apprenticeship EFZ are being set centrally by the Ministry for Education (Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation SBFI) in consultation with professional bodies. EFZ apprentices will attend vocational college.

  • Vocational Training with Swiss Federal Vocational Certificate EBA

The former training time has been replaced by the Swiss Federal Vocational Training. It is designed for young people with mainly practical skills. With the Swiss Federal Vocational Certificate young people have improved chances on the Swiss job market. Where the EBA is not available, training time continues to be in place. EBA participants will attend vocational college.

  • Training time according to current Federal legislation (BBG) or Cantonal legislation

Training according to the Swiss Federal Legislation Art.49 BBG is being discontinued and therefore only available in a few professions or trades. Participants attend internal training courses.

  • Practical and on the job training (PrA) according to industry association INSOS

Practical training under INSOS guidelines takes 2 years to complete. It follows standard guidelines and focusses on practical skills and on the job training. PrA participants attend internal training courses.

Your contact for questions on the application process, appraisals and grading tests as well as trial weeks and further information is: Sandra Arpagaus, phone +41 52 632 17 60; sandra.arpagaus(at)altra-sh.ch