Integration Measures in Cooperation with Insurance

It can happen to anyone: a mental or physical illness, even if temporary, is often accompanied by job loss. Thus, we consider work integration to be a social duty.

altra schaffhausen is firmly anchored in the regional economy. Thanks to the activities of the regional market, practice relevance, and the possibility of accompanied operations in the first labor market, integration in the labor market and labor process have been eased.

Specialists of altra schaffhausen work closely with clients and referral positions. A training position in an optimal working environment is desired to enable suitable resource development, this always being done with the goal of integration in the first labor market.

  •    Development training
  •    Work training
  •    Job placement
  •    Work trial
  •    Job coaching



Miriam Leu, phone +41 52 632 28 27; miriam.leu(at)
Christoph Hak, phone +41 52 632 17 80; christoph.hak(at)
Silvan Streicher, phone +41 52 632 17 61, silvan.streicher(at)


Integration workplaces with cantonal cooperation

Integration workplaces are external workplaces designated for people with a disability pension who are domiciled in the first labor market and who are directly supported and supervised by altra Schaffhausen. An integration workplace may be part-time to supplement an internal workplace, or may be occupied in a limited manner.

The goal is the employment of altra employees within companies in the first labor market. These employees can, with support and supervision (job coaching), experience the first labor market and in so doing take steps towards integration.

Support includes:

  •    Pre-clarification
  •    Assessment
  •    Job search
  •    Contact with authorities and employers
  •    Workplace support
  •    Status review
  •    Agreement on objectives

Conditions: a resident of the canton of Schaffhausen with a minimum of one-half of a disability pension or 50-percent disability.

Our job coaches work whenever possible according to SE (Supported Employment).

Contact: Jens Förster, phone +41 52 632 17 55; jens.foerster(at)