Villa Blankenstein

Meet, create, experience - the offer at Villa Blankenstein provides intellectually disabled adults with a day structure in a protected setting in which they can pursue a meaningful, individually adapted occupation without any pressure to perform. The various studios allow participants to live out their creative ideas and interests: an art studio, a pottery room, a workroom, a sewing room, a creative room or music and media stations. In addition, the recreation room, the winter garden, and a spacious garden with an adjacent animal enclosure offer an invitation to take a break or to cultivate social contacts. Lunch is planned and prepared together with participants. On two evenings, a flexible program (games, movie night, cooking, various activities, etc.) is offered or created together.

To take advantage of this offer, an IV pension is required.


Contact: Michael Seelhofer, phone +41 52 632 28 39; michael.seelhofer(at)