Woodwork and Carpentry

Woodwork – the other kind of carpentry

Here we plane, sand, saw and lacquer wood. New furniture and interior works take form. Existing works are restored. Wood is exactly our thing! With passion for detail and great competency, your product is materialized. As individual construction or as serial production.

In addition, high-quality products / home accessories are manufactured and sold in our Boutique Neubrunn as well as in our online shop: ​​​​​​​

Questions? Wishes? Suggestions? Let our team leader advise you directly. We are looking forward to seeing you!!


Interior construction and general carpentry

Contact: Martin Narr, phone +41 52 632 17 74; martin.narr(at)


Restoration, serial production, small orders, and general carpentry

Contact: Roman Wipf, phone +41 52 632 29 06; roman.wipf(at)


Contact: Ralf Stoll, phone +41 52 632 29 07; ralf.stoll(at)