This is where the all-rounders within Altra work.

Facility management includes catering, housekeeping, technology and maintenance. The variety of different tasks reflects the diversity of our employees. Self-determined work is encouraged. We work indoors and outdoors.

Man in blue overalls with gloves, tools and protective equipment before a welding operation.

Technology and maintenance

The tasks of technology and maintenance:

  • Maintenance work in our own and rented properties, such as replacing light bulbs, visual inspections of technical systems, painting work, hanging pictures and much more.


  • Service maintenance and repairs, such as repairing taps, checking small appliances, flushing pipes, replacing filters, checking shelves and ladders, maintaining technical systems and much more.


  • Environmental maintenance, such as mowing lawns, trimming hedges, leaf mopping.


  • Various cleaning operations such as floor cleaning of large areas with the ride-on cleaning machine.


In housekeeping, we distinguish between two areas: the cleaning service and housekeeping, which work closely together.

We work to a high standard of hygiene. Individual development is encouraged by promoting independent work.

Four people from the housekeeping team. They hold irons, laundry or a laundry basket in their hands.

The tasks of the cleaning service:

  • property cleaning of offices, workshops, production and recreation rooms, sanitary facilities
  • Room cleaning
  • Disinfection tours
  • Waste paper and cardboard disposal

The tasks of housekeeping:

  • Sort dirty and clean laundry.
  • Wash, iron and fold laundry.
  • Sewing and mending the laundry.
  • Cook, arrange and serve a variety of dishes.
  • Creating decorations, such as table decorations.


The team around the internal restaurant "Bistretto" cooks 5 days a week (from Monday to Friday). Fresh, seasonal lunch menus are cooked daily for the internal staff. Whenever possible, ingredients from our organic farm are used. We also provide our staff at the head office and in Neuhausen with delicious sandwiches and snacks.

Independent work, creativity and patience are encouraged. Employees plan, cook and serve themselves or together with the team. Anyone who likes a varied job and enjoys working in a team will feel at home at Bistretto.

Six people from the Bistretto team. They are in the kitchen and all have an object in their hands, for example a saucepan, ladle or whisk.

The work in the gastronomy:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Set up, cut
  • Serving, serving food
  • Guest Service
  • Cleaning work