People in diverse circumstances can find a suitable form of housing in the diverse living accommodations offered by altra schaffhausen. We offer a total of 58 dwelling places - plus assisted living.


Four dwelling forms

The four types of accommodation offered by altra schaffhausen complement one another and each lead to the next possible continuative solution, culminating with independent living in their own flat.

A coordinating contact person is available to all residents to assist in daily arrangements and development of future perspectives.

The focus in assistance is that of individual and custom-made support based on socially-inclusive measures – concepts and methods of empowerment, functional health, and focused on a solution-oriented approach (LOA).


Services overview


* Betreuung an der Buchthalerstrasse und Telefonpikett
** Nachtpikett und Telefonpikett


Rough concept
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Kontaktperson Wohnen

Sonja Anderegg, Head of Specialist Field of Living
phone +41 52 632 28 07

Kontaktperson Wohnen

Martin Göllner, Living department
phone +41 52 632 17 59