An employee explains his work in industrial assembly to another person.

Job offer

Our vision is a world in which the diversity of all people is taken for granted.

Working in a protected environment

Protected workplaces

At Altra, people with an IV pension find varied and adapted jobs. In a protected setting, we work in various areas such as industry, gardening and many more.

We promote the resources of our employees and their development. They are allowed to work where they like. Everyone works at their own pace and together we grow through the daily challenges.

Our aim is to offer an inclusive and self-determined working environment.

Who can work with us:

  • People with IV pension or positive preliminary decision.
  • People who are over 18 years old.
Four people are sitting at a table. They are discussing and taking notes on a notepad and laptop.

We also provide support in entering the primary labor market.

Our job coaches provide support in the search for suitable inclusive jobs.

Simon Bühler, Head of the Employees/Sheltered Workplaces department. He wears glasses and a blue shirt.


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Simon Bühler

Our vision is a world in which the diversity of all people is taken for granted.

Inclusion workplaces / integration

All people have a right to work.

We advise and support your company in employing people with disabilities. And help you to counteract the labor shortage.

We are on hand as experts and provide agogic support. We are contact persons, conflict resolvers and companions. Before, during and after employment.

Together we can create resources. For a sustainable investment in an inclusive future.

Experience the added value of diversity

You would like to provide employment for a person with a disability.

Contact us using this registration form.

Jens Förster, job coach and contact person for our employees and external companies when it comes to inclusive workplaces. He wears glasses, a full beard, a multicolored shirt and a grey sweater.


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Jens Forester

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