In the foreground is a woman in a blue T-shirt. She is holding a white coffee cup. In the background, four other people are sitting on armchairs or chairs. A colorful picture hangs on the wall.


At Altra, there are various forms of housing at different locations. There is a choice of different forms of housing. You can stabilize, develop and find a home for yourself within the different forms of housing. Different people live here and receive individual care. Self-determination and participation are the focus. Inclusive living for people with a focus on mental disabilities.

Altra stands for needs-oriented support to develop personal resources and achieve personal goals.

Overview of the 4 forms of housing

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Overview of the 4 types of housing. Very assisted: Assisted living Nordstrasse, rather assisted: Assisted living Buchthalen, rather independent: Assisted living Neustadt, very independent: Assisted living

The housing forms of the Altra

Our 4 types of housing

Entrance to a house. The house is white, the entrance to the property is blue and covered.

Assisted living Nordstrasse

  • Supervised 24 hours a day/night
  • Single room with furniture
  • 26 Places of residence
The façade and outdoor seating area of a house can be seen. There are sunshades and a table tennis table in the seating area.

Assisted Living & Youth Living

  • supervised in the morning and evening
  • Shared apartment for two
  • Young people in training
  • 24 places to live
Two people with cooking aprons in the kitchen. One person is mixing fruit with yogurt to make a muesli. The other person is cutting fruit.

Assisted Living Neustadt

  • evening supervised
  • various shared apartments as 1 or 2 person households
  • 12 Places of residence
A young man is sitting at a wooden table on the balcony. There is a book and a candle on the table. He is holding a cell phone in his hand.

Assisted living

  • Accompaniment in own apartment
  • Once or several times a week, depending on funding