Two young people are each holding a plant seedling and talking to each other. They are in a greenhouse.


Altra offers young people and young adults the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in a suitable environment. We offer apprenticeships and retraining at various levels and in different professions. You will receive individual support and encouragement. Tailored to your abilities and your pace. Resources are discovered together. For a self-determined future in the professional world.

We offer different trainings:

As a prerequisite, you need a corresponding order from the IV (disability insurance) or another cost bearer. We will be happy to discuss your career aspirations and options with you and the IV vocational counselors.

Training offer in the overview

Two people with wrenches at work.

Operational maintenance

You are responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. You are responsible for repairs and maintenance of buildings and their surroundings. This includes checking and repairing the building services, cleaning and maintaining the interior and exterior of the buildings, looking after and maintaining green areas such as lawns and hedges. Waste management, environmental protection.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Operational Maintenance


Maintenance Practitioner


EFZ Business Maintenance Specialist


One hand inserts a plug into the switchgear.

Electrical installation

In electrical assembly, cables are assembled, soldering work is carried out, electronic components are mounted and control cabinets are built. This also includes the manufacture, assembly and repair of machines, devices and control systems.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Electronics


Mechanical apprentice EBA
Specialization: switch cabinet construction


Automatic fitter EFZ


Person works in front of the computer.


Are you interested in technology? In mechanics, parts are manufactured and components made of metal and plastic are processed. Parts are assembled into subassemblies and devices, apparatus and machines are maintained. Polymechanics manufacture tools, equipment parts and production devices. They program and operate machines and monitor production.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Mechanics


Mechanic apprentice EBA


Production mechanic EFZ


Polymechanic EFZ


Hand cuts flower stems.


Every day, florists help to make giving gifts a joy. You work in specialist flower stores. You are creative and enjoy colors. You make bouquets and arrangements from flowers and other plants. You serve customers in the store and are happy to advise them.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Floristry


Florist EBA


Two young people digging in a garden bed.

Gardening / Horticulture

Bring joy to any garden. You take care of plants and their habitats. You maintain gardens and green spaces, build paths, squares and ponds. Are you good with your hands and interested in nature and plants?

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Gardening
Gardening and landscaping


Gardener*in gardening and landscaping EBA


Gardener*in Gardening and Landscaping EFZ


Young man standing in front of cooking pots.


You help to spoil our guests. In the staff restaurant you will work in the kitchen: you will help with the preparation of the meals and with serving the food. You will support the team with cleaning and sales at the snack kiosk.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Kitchen


Two hands assembling a product.

Industrial assembly

In industrial assembly, a wide variety of components are assembled, screwed, welded, pressed and glued. Filling, weighing, checking and packaging are part of your everyday work. You work mainly with your hands or with simple tools and machines.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Industry


Many packages that have already been filled with medication are lying on the table.


Things are hygienic here. When packaging pharmaceutical products, the work must be clean and precise. We pack products for the big pharmaceutical companies, so quality is a must. You work with your hands or monitor the processes on the machines.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner Industry
Specialization Packaging Pharmaceutical Products


Two hands fold a spice bag.


Do you like the smell of spices and tea? In the food department we pack various spices, tea and other food products, by hand or with various machines. Cleanliness is a priority here. The workrooms are specially ventilated and tempered.

Job title Jobs:
Industry Practitioner
Specialization: Food Packaging


Young man transports goods with the pallet trolley and stands in the high-bay warehouse.


Logisticians receive all types of goods, inspect them and prepare them for storage or delivery to customers.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Logistics


Logistics technician EBA


Logistics Technician EFZ



For the love of nature. On our organic farm, agricultural practitioners work with animals and/or grow vegetables and fruit. You feed and care for animals, look after their well-being and keep the stables clean. In vegetable gardening you accompany the cycle from sowing to harvesting to selling the products.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Agriculture


Argarpraktiker*in EBA


Two young women are talking in front of the computer.


Do you like doing office work? As a commercial clerk, you advise customers at the reception desk, answer telephone calls, process, copy and file documents. You take care of business correspondence and work in different departments.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Office Work


Businessman / Businesswoman EBA


Businessman / Businesswoman EFZ


Green laundry is removed from the washing machine.

Home Economics

Our housekeeping team keeps rooms and facilities clean, takes care of laundry, and helps with cooking and serving guests in the staff restaurant. You are on the road a lot and do varied work.

Job title Jobs:
Practitioner PrA Home Economics


Home economics apprentice EBA


Training levels and models

PrA - Practical Training Switzerland

The two-year practical training is a nationally organized vocational training course with no entry barriers. The learning objectives can be set individually according to ability. It serves as preparation for a job in the primary labor market or a sheltered workplace. It can also serve as preparation for basic vocational training with a Federal Vocational Certificate EBA. Work placements / internships outside of Altra are also part of the PrA.

The basic vocational training to obtain a Federal Vocational Certificate lasts two years. It is intended for learners who are predominantly practically gifted. The defined training objectives are taught at the three learning locations, practice, ÜK`s and the public vocational school. The training serves as preparation for simple activities in a job in the primary labor market. Part of the EBA - training are also work assignments / internships outside the Altra

The three to four-year basic vocational training EFZ is suitable for apprentices with good to very good academic and practical skills. The defined training objectives are taught at the three learning locations of practical work, practical training and public vocational school. Work assignments / internships outside of Altra are intended to expand skills, test performance and facilitate the transition to the primary labor market. Ideally, most or all of the training takes place in a company in the primary labor market(supported education).  

Vocational school PrA in Winterthur

Vocational school lessons for PrA learners take place at the Interinstitutional Vocational School PrA in Winterthur, at the BBW. General subjects and sport are taught there. The offer is aimed at all PrA learners, including those from training companies in the primary labor market(Supported Education).

Inter-institutional vocational school PrA Link

Teacher and pupil sit at their desks and exchange ideas.

Supported Education

Is a model that supports young people with support needs in obtaining a basic vocational training EBA, EFZ or a practical training PrA-, in the first labor market .

Altra's job coaches accompany and support apprentices throughout the entire training process and work closely with the training companies. Together with these partner companies, we also advise apprentices in the transition to a permanent position.

As part of Supported Education, Altra offers training in all professions.

For a successful start to training we also offer:

In-depth clarification

In an in-depth assessment, adolescents and young adults test their aptitude for a selected occupational field and training level.

With a defined career direction, the young people are specifically prepared for the upcoming start of their training. Technical, methodological, personal and social skills are further developed. School knowledge is refreshed at the public vocational school and practical work is trained. 

For young people under the age of 25 who have completed compulsory schooling. In addition to building up and stabilizing workload and performance, the focus is on developing the skills required for a successful start to training. The young people receive individual guidance and support, initially at internal workplaces, but as soon as possible also at external partner companies.

Our vocational integration specialists have many years of experience as training coaches. On behalf of the IV, they accompany motivated young people and committed training companies until they complete their training and, if necessary, beyond.

For inquiries and more information about the training we are at your disposal.

Sandra Arpagaus, contact person for training, supported education and partner companies. She is wearing a white shirt, denim jacket and earrings.


Your contact person

Sandra Arpagaus

Partner companies

For internships and/or apprenticeships in the primary labor market, we maintain a partnership-based, regional network with, among others, the Industrievereinigung Schaffhausen IVS, as well as the Kantonaler Gewerbeverband KGV-SH?

Become our partner company. Offer internships and apprenticeships to young people with support needs. Join us in promoting a successful and inclusive start to working life.

We support and accompany you and your learners throughout the entire duration of the training.

Thomas Maier, apprenticeship department. He is wearing a yellow and orange checked shirt, glasses and a moustache.


Your contact

Thomas Maier