All six members of the Altra management team are standing in an engine room.

Contact persons

The management

Alain Thomann, Managing Director. He wears glasses, a blue and white checked shirt and a dark blue vest.

Alain Thomann

Managing Director

Dario Cervini, Head of Industry. He is wearing a blue shirt.

Dario Cervini

Division Manager Industry

Karin Steinemann, Head of Finance, Controlling and ICT. She wears glasses and a blue patterned top.

Karin Steinemann

Head of Finance,
Controlling & ICT

Sonja Anderegg, Head of Integration, Housing and Social Integration. She is wearing glasses, a white top and a dark blazer.

Sonja Anderegg

Head of the Integration, Housing & Employment Center department

Stefan Ege, Head of Sheltered Workplaces and Training. He wears glasses, a dark shirt and a gray checked vest.

Stefan Ege

Head of Training & Sheltered Workplaces

Sven Stückmann, Head of Marketing, Sales and Communication. He is wearing glasses, a light blue shirt and a dark blue vest.

Sven Stückmann

Division Manager Marketing,
Sales & Communication