An employee explains his work in industrial assembly to another person.

Industrial assembly

Do you have challenges in the manufacturing process? At Altra, you get production support regardless of the size of the order. Our experts master your resource bottlenecks. We are industry, from simple orders to outsourcing of the complete production including purchasing and goods management.

We can help you from simple small orders to larger productions.

In addition, we also support you in material purchasing and goods management. Benefit from our expertise in assembly and production and relieve your company.

An insight into our services.

  • Simple to complex assembly of components
  • Pressing parts
  • Quality checks
  • Rework / correction orders
  • Packaging and shrinkage work
  • Welding of plastic bags
  • Cardboard work
  • Adhesive work
  • Labeling, stamping
  • Assembling and packing mailings, general dispatch work
  • Banding
  • Inspection orders
  • Counting by means of counting scales
  • Filling
  • Customize promotional items
  • Installing software updates
  • Inkjet printing (inkjet) with the Videojet
  • Article cleaning
  • Recycling
  • Online/webshop shipping including storage

Take advantage of our versatile cross-divisional skills. In addition to assembly, Altra-Industrie also offers professional electrical and mechanical assembly!

There are professionals at work here.

We will be happy to show you our production facility in Neuhausen with a view of the Rhine Falls without obligation.

Contact persons

Your contact persons

Marc Schärer, Head of the Industry department. He is wearing a blue and white striped shirt and a blue vest over his shoulder.

Marc skerries

Dario Cervini, Head of Industry. He is wearing a blue shirt.

Dario Cervini

Division Manager Industry

You can find a complete overview of our services here:

Text transcription

Sven Stückmann, Head of Marketing:
"Stressful production environments, resource shortages and unforeseen disruptions? These are just a few of the daily challenges that our customers face.
I would like to welcome you to Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Altra's largest production site in the industrial sector."

Marc Schären, Head of Industry Department:
"We do everything from very simple to quite complex. Packaging, folding, dispatch, mailings. All work that requires people to take it in hand. From cable assembly and crimping to complex component assembly and control panel construction."

Florian Güntert, AVOR:
"CNC milling, three-axis and CNC turning. You can virtually send us your 3D step model or drawing and get a unit price within a very short time."

Sven Stückmann:
"We have been working in the field of industrial assembly, electrical assembly and mechanics for many years. And we have experts with us, we have our own quality management team that handles complaints professionally from A to Z. In combination with our certifications, this also gives the customer a great deal of certainty that they are not simply placing the order and hoping for a good result."

Marc Schären:
"When you come here to Neuhausen for industrial assembly, you start thinking about everything that could be outsourced, everything that could be given to us."

Sven Stückmann
"The customer's orders enable a meaningful everyday life for our people with disabilities. Get in touch with us so that you can get to know our production facilities and possibilities and we can develop solutions for you together."

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