View of the organic farm with outdoor area, stable and outbuildings.

Working in nature and with nature.

On the organic farm, conscious and respectful interaction with people, animals and nature is practiced. People with disabilities are given a self-determined and natural workplace here. We work together hand in hand and promote the resources of each individual.


Cows, pigs, chickens, geese and other animals live on the farm. The farm is managed according to Biosuisse guidelines. The organic farm team is committed to the environmentally friendly production of food, in which resources are conserved and reused.

Young man in green baseball cap and glasses with a duck on his arm.
Two large melons lie side by side in the greenhouse.

Vegetable and fruit growing

In our fruit and vegetable cultivation, seedlings are grown, young plants are cared for and then fresh vegetables are harvested in great variety. Every day we live the diversity of nature, pay attention to sustainability, circular economy and treat our environment with care.

In the sheltered workplaces, our employees can grow through success and experience the beauty of nature.


We deliver fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, eggs and dried meat to your door. Subscribe to our organic subscription box and enjoy seasonal vegetables, fruit and other fine farm produce all year round.

Fresh vegetables packed in an orange plastic box, which stands on a wooden pallet.
Three people who work on the organic farm are standing in a lettuce field harvesting.

Delivery service Gastro

The Löwenstein organic farm team supplies businesses in various sectors in the Schaffhausen region with seasonal fruit and vegetables. Take advantage of our delivery service and contact us for a non-binding offer.

Farm store

Our organic farm store offers fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruit, meat, eggs, sweet cider, honey and various home-made delicacies and souvenirs such as herbal salt, various edible oils, etc.

Summer offer:

Tomatoes, eggplant, hot peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, corn and much more.

Winter offer:

Chicory, nut lettuce, celeriac, sugarloaf, Chinese cabbage, and much more.

Insight into the farm store, where fresh vegetables and fruit can be bought. Three refrigerators with various agricultural products in the background.

Address farm / farm store:

Open daily from 08:00 - 18:00

Payment options: Cash, on account or with TWINT.

Roland Vogelsanger, head of the organic farm department. He wears a gray sweater and a full beard.


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