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Board of Trustees

The foundation board determines the strategic goals of the organization and is the highest management body. According to the statutes, the insieme Schaffhausen association elects three and the government council of the canton of Schaffhausen four members of the foundation board. Our managing director Alain Thomann reports directly to the president of the foundation board Jeanette Storrer. Foundation Board meetings are held regularly, usually three to four times a year. The electoral authority as well as the vested interests of the individual foundation board members are listed under the portrait photos.

A "goal" is something that a person desires and wants to achieve. A goal can be a place. But a goal can also be that a person wants to be able to do something.
"Strategic" means: We plan well in advance what goals we want to achieve. And we think about what we have to do to achieve the goals.
A "governing body" is a group of people who manage a task or project.
Woman with blue sweater and long dark hair. Her name is Jeanette Storrer. She is the president of the foundation board of Altra.

Jeanette Storrer

Canton of Schaffhausen,
Representative Specialist Group
President of the Foundation Board

Ties of interest at:

  • Krebsliga SH (Board member since 2013)
  • Künzle Foundation (Foundation Board member since 2013)
  • Pro Senectute SH (Member of the Foundation Assembly since 2013)
  • Schaffhausen Bar Association (member SHAV since 2005)
  • Supervisory Authority for the Bar of the Canton of Schaffhausen (substitute member Supervisory Authority for the Bar since 2020)
  • Focus Group Child Protection Schaffhausen (Member Focus Group Child Protection since 2017)
  • The "focus" is the main thing and especially important.
  • HKV (member SV and AK since 2007)
Woman with dark blouse and blue blazer. Her name is Beatrice Pongracz. She is vice president of the Altra Foundation Board.

Beatrice Pongracz

Verein insieme Schaffhausen,
Vice President

Ties of interest at:

  • Hardt Kies Gesellschaft (partner since 2009)
  • "Participation" means: people can join in and have a say.
Man with brown sweater. His name is Thomas Merk. He is a representative of the parents' association insieme.

Thomas Merk

Association insieme Schaffhausen

Ties of interest at:

  • none
Woman with white top and brown blazer. Her name is Christine Thommen. She is a city councilor for the city of Schaffhausen.

Christine Thommen

Canton Schaffhausen,
Representative City Council Schaffhausen

Ties of interest at:

  • Stiftung Impuls (ex officio) (President Board of Trustees since 2021)
  • Integres Association (President since 2021)
Man with blue shirt, glasses and dark sweater. His name is Hugo Spengler. He is a representative of the parents' association insieme.

Hugo Spengler

Association insieme Schaffhausen

Ties of interest at:

  • none
Man with blue shirt, glasses and dark red sweater. His name is Michael Hübscher. He is a representative of the IVS Industrievereinigung Schaffhausen.

Michael Hübscher

Canton Schaffhausen,
Representative IVS

Ties of interest at:

  • HÜBSCHER KONZEPT AG (Owner / Managing Director since 2018)
  • HÜBSCHER HOLZBAU AG (Owner / President of the Board of Directors since 2013)
  • Industry Group Klettgau (President since 2016)
  • Schaffhausen Industrial Association (Board of Directors since 2017)
Man with blue checked shirt and glasses. He is a representative of the canton of Schaffhausen.

Reto Mittler

Canton Schaffhausen,
Representative Cantonal Government

Ties of interest at:

  • Association (Board since 2022)


History of Altra


For the first time, Altra is training numerous learners in the first labor market with the support of a newly created job coaching position in the training area (Supported Education).

Since January 2022, Altra has a permanent position "Job Coaching for employees in the first labor market (inclusion jobs).

At our residential location Neustadt 56, a conversion of the apartments is taking place (barrier-free living).


The day structure without pay is very popular. Relocation of the day structure without pay to the Villa Blankenstein property in Promenadenpark.


For the first time in the company's history, the day structure area with and without pay was closed for several weeks at the end of March 2020 to protect our employees. Production was maintained by production aids hired at short notice.


The two workshops Ebnatring and Rhymüli are now together on the SIG site.

In total, about 170 people from Altra work in Neuhausen.


Initial certification food FSSC 22000


Foundation of the Inclusion Council. The council consists of 15 members from different areas.


New ISO14001 (Environmental Management) certification underscores Altra's environmental focus.

For the first time in Altra's history, focal points are documented and visualized in short films.


Altra Schaffhausen celebrates its 50th anniversary with numerous events.

Richard Rickli retires and hands over the management to Alain Thomann.


Herbert E. Bolli steps down as Chairman of the Foundation Board after 16 years.

With Jeanette Storrer, an experienced and motivated successor could be engaged for this task.