Entrance to a house. The house is white, the entrance to the property is blue and covered.
Supervised 24 hours a day/night / single room / 26 residential places

Assisted living Nordstrasse

Assisted living at Nordstrasse focuses on individual yet communal living. The Nordstrasse is a home where everyone can feel safe and supported and receive support as they relearn and consolidate everyday tasks. Self-determination and the experience of positive shared experiences are the focus here.


  • Full time care, 365 days a year 24 hours a day/night.
  • 26 places divided into two residential groups with single rooms.
  • Furnished single rooms, which can be supplemented with your own furniture if desired.
  • With a large communal garden.
  • Varied leisure and vacation activities.
A woman leaning on the railing of the balcony and looking into the garden. There is a table, two chairs and a parasol on the beam.
Martin Göllner, head of the residential department. He is wearing a gray polo shirt.


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Martin Göllner