Altra puts people at the center

In everything we do, we discover resources together. This is how we enable development and a sense of belonging.

With your donation you give us the chance to react quickly and unbureaucratically to the wishes and needs of our clients!

Do you trust us to use your money exactly where it is needed most?

In this case, a donation without earmarking is exactly the right instrument for you!

Do you prefer to support a specific project?
Do you like to be part of a development?

Then you are exactly right with an earmarked donation.

The money may only be used for the purpose you have chosen. Please tell us in the purpose of use on the payment slip which project you would like to support.

Altra is a ZEWO certified company - you can be sure that your donation will benefit people with disabilities.

This page is (still) under construction, it will be continuously supplemented and expanded: Follow our projects - we report regularly about our activities.

We are happy to share with you the joy and success of our clients.

Information on the subject of occasion donations, legacies and inheritances will follow shortly.

Project 1: Sport, art and education

Apprentices and employees

... bring movement into the game!

  • Acquisition or renewal of the material/sports equipment
  • Attendance at sporting events or even competitions

... make theater and music!

  • Costumes, props, scenery
  • Sheet music, instruments, concerts or singing meetings

... are creative!

  • Paints, canvases, paper and other materials

... create leisure time and grow together as a team!

  • Trips, excursions, events
  • Games, Hardware, Software
  • External costs for project weeks during training

Project 2: Housing and leisure

Help us and the residents, employees and trainees to beautify the outdoor areas of the Buchthalen (residential) and Blankenstein (social integration) sites and thus create a feel-good atmosphere.

Our clients would like to replace old garden furniture, create retreats and provide sun, wind and rain protection.

Project 3: Sustainability and energy efficiency

Are you particularly concerned about the careful use of resources? We are too! Unfortunately, we cannot finance everything we would like to implement. This includes

  • Replacement of household appliances with more energy efficient appliances
  • Replacement of air conditioners with low energy efficiency
  • Acquisition of blinds and blinds for the purpose of shading

Regardless of the form of your support:

A big thank you on behalf of the entire staff for your willingness to share resources to support development and belonging!

Together, we are working towards a world in which the diversity of all people is a matter of course.

Donation account Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, 8201 Schaffhausen:

IBAN CH22 0078 2006 9581 5110 1

Payable to:
altra Schaffhausen Foundation
Mühlenstrasse 56
8201 Schaffhausen

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