Exterior view of the Villa Blankenstein in Schaffhausen. Large garden with many different seating areas. Villa Blankenstein is an art nouveau house with many windows and a discreet cream-colored facade.

Social integration

Villa Blankenstein is a competence center for mental disabilities. A valuable resource, a place of encounter, being, structure and activity. Through targeted support, people can discover new perspectives and opportunities here. Achieve personal goals and maintain contacts.

A "goal" is something that a person desires and wants to achieve. A goal can be a place. But a goal can also be that a person wants to be able to do something.
"Competence" means: A person is well versed in a field and has a lot of experience. Therefore, he can solve certain tasks well. A specialist, for example, has a lot of competence in his field.
"Discover" means: A person finds something new. For example: A person discovers their abilities? Then it means: A person finds out what they are good at.
"Resources" are all the things and people we have so that we can do something. For example, money, electricity, materials and employees.
"Perspective" can mean "outlook." Then a perspective is something that may happen in the future. But a "perspective" can also mean "point of view". When people have different perspectives, they think differently about certain things.
In a "competence center", people work together who have a lot of expertise in one field.

The villa is a colorful mix with various social, activity and quiet rooms.

We have different rooms. - We can come together in social rooms. We can talk to each other there and celebrate a party, for example. - In activity rooms, we can do things together. For example, we can play games or do sports there. - In quiet rooms, we can relax and rest.

In the large outdoor area you can work, play and relax in the beautiful garden.


In order to use the offer, the certification of an IV pension is necessary.

The "IV pension" is money for people who need support in life. IV is the abbreviation for "disability insurance".
Five people of different ages are standing in the garden in front of Villa Blankenstein. All of them are holding an object in their hands that they either like to play with or have made themselves.

We are here for you:

Mon, Tue, Thu 08.00 - 17.00

Wed, Fri 08:00 - 22:00

Would you like to be creative at Villa Blankenstein?

"Creative" means that you design or invent something new. For example: you make something or paint a picture. Or you have a good idea. Or you find a solution to a problem.

Contact us at 052 632 28 39.

In the foreground, a woman with a large soapstone in her hand is beaming. She is in a creative room. In the background sits a second person who is doing grinding work by hand.
A man and a woman are peeling potatoes in a kitchen. Both look into the camera.

The offer of Villa Blankenstein:

  • Pottery area
  • Workroom
  • Various rest and recreation rooms
  • Creative room for handicrafts
  • Art studio
  • Various instruments and party games
Man with a blue patterned shirt. His name is Michael Seelhofer. He is the contact person for all topics concerning Villa Blankenstein.


Your contact

Michael Seelhofer