The façade and outdoor seating area of a house can be seen. There are sunshades and a table tennis table in the seating area.
Shared apartment for two / supervised in the morning and in the evening / young people in training / 24 residential places

Assisted Living & Youth Living

Assisted living on Buchthalerstrasse combines security, support and self-determination for teenagers, young adults and adults. We offer individual support to help residents maintain or improve their independence and quality of life. Resources are encouraged here and professionals are on hand to help if necessary.


morning and evening, 365 days a year.

A 24-hour on-call service is available for crises and emergencies.

Two residents always live together in a 3.5 room apartment.

The apartments are furnished and can be supplemented with own furniture if desired. In addition, there are common rooms and lounges.

Varied leisure and vacation activities.

Two people with cooking aprons in the kitchen. One person is mixing fruit with yogurt to make a muesli. The other person is cutting fruit.

For adults

  • 15 places divided into 3.5 room apartments.
  • If necessary, breakfast and dinner can be taken in community.

For teenagers and young adults in training

  • 9 residential places divided into 3.5 room apartments.

  • If desired, weekends can be spent off-site.

  • Varied leisure activities.

Martin Göllner, head of the residential department. He is wearing a gray polo shirt.


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Martin Göllner